Meet our Thinnest Condoms yet.

*Aoni was verified as the World’s “Thinnest Latex Condom” on December 2, 2013.

The mission behind each condom is to give our consumers the best experience during their most intimate moments.

XL Ultrathin 001

Extra wide fit for comfort

Extra Smooth Ultrathin 001

Infused with collagen to pamper and pleasure

Introducing our new products

Featured in our Guinness Award Ultrathin 001 series

Over-Time Combo

For a longer-lasting, extra-sensitive experience

This product helps men last longer without the use of drugs and provide extra sensations to help their partners reach climax faster

Nanosilver Ultrathin 001

For health and pleasure with our nanosilver technology

This product helps prevent bacterial infections and sterilizes secretions during intercourse. It contains safe prophylactics with no health side-effects.

Ultrathin 001

Experience the original award-winning product

With natural ingredients and a water-based lubricant, you’ll experience the ultimate skin-on-skin sensation guaranteed to ignite passion. We call this the Ultimate Bare Love Experience.

We’ve got you covered.