World AIDS Day—It Matters

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World AIDS Day is held on December 1st of every year. It’s a day where people have the opportunity to support people living with HIV, remember those taken from us, and to unite in the fight against the disease.

Why is World AIDS Day Important?

Globally, there is an estimated 34 million people living with this virus. Although significant progress has been made, the epidemic continues in the international community- with 2.1 million new infections occurring worldwide in 2015 alone. It’s important because stigma and discrimination are still very real realities for people with this condition, creating barriers towards better education and to spread awareness.

Generating awareness is the first step towards change. We need to keep HIV & AIDS on the radar to lobby governments and health authorities to continue to raise awareness.

Aoni’s Role in Fighting Aids

As a company mission, Aoni is committed to help in the fight towards greater awareness, education, and AIDS prevention. That is why safety has always been our top priority for ensuring our customers are getting the best condoms.

Both male condoms and female condoms are an important tool in preventing the spread of HIV. They act as physical barriers that can reduce the risk of sexual exposure to HIV and STIs. Laboratory studies have shown that the materials used to make condoms, including latex do not allow bacteria, germs, and viruses to pass through them, effectively helping to reduce the risk of transmission. In fact, an observational study was conducted and found that the rate of HIV transmission was 80% lower among couples who said they always used condoms compared to couples who said they never used condoms.

However, to ensure condom effectiveness it has to be used correctly. In some cases where people may not know how to wear a condom, they may put the condom on inside out and then flip it over to use. This might not seem like a big deal but the fact is, the condom has already been compromised. To help address this problem, all our condoms have the Aoni logo to show right side up so you don’t have to figure out which way is correct.

We have and always will be huge advocates for safe sex. It’s better to be proactive than to react, which is why we’ve made our super thin condoms available online- 24/7 no interruption shipping for when you need it most.

How You Can Help with AIDs

There are many things you can do as preventive measures. Get tested and always use protection to name a few. Our thinnest condoms mean you don’t have to sacrifice safety for pleasure. You can also donate to AIDS charities that help those in need.

This year, stay protected and take some time to understand how Aids affects you. To learn more about Aids, please visit:

Buy condoms online now at Aoni.


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