Our Mission

We believe in offering quality and innovative products to improve our users’ sexual experience. Through continual research and development and improving our ingredients and production, we strive to bring the best products to the world for a better sexual experience.

From Idea to Shelf, We are In-Charge of it All.

We design and manufacture our condoms.

Today, we are one of very few manufacturers who have our own Production, R&D, QA, Supply Chain, and Sales & Marketing departments.

We ensure that we are in charge of every aspect in order to deliver a quality product that we are confident with.

Pushing Limits. Defining New Heights.

While meeting global standards is ideal of any professional production, we strive to continuously exceed them. In order to achieve that, the key element is the foundation of the machine. As a result, besides specializing in condoms, we also design equipment and machineries to ensure that they are able to deliver and improve the precision of our products.

Commitment to Quality. Always No. 1.

At Aoni, we are committed to providing only the finest products to our consumers. This comes with taking quality tests to beyond ISO requirements by using our technical expertise and, of course, procuring premium ingredients.

For example, we have developed a formula where our latex allows our super thin condoms to achieve even greater strength than regular condoms. There is never a moment when we stop improving our products.