Our Quality Stand

The mission behind each of our condoms is to give our consumers the best experience in the most intimate moments.


We believe that the usage of a condom starts from the packaging. We strive to create a seamless user experience by shortening the time required to use a condom.

Reusable Friendly Packing

Our box is made to be horizontal so that it can be easily tucked in the cupboard and easily reopened for the next round.

Easy Peel

Our foil package ensures that all four directions can be easily peeled. No interruptions when you need it most.

Quick Label On Specs

From the lube to the condom type, they all display on the top right corner of every single box.

Premium Ingredients

Besides constantly researching on the best ingredients to improve our latex formula, we ensure that all of our products are made with the utmost care, ensuring a quality product.

Natural Fragrance

Our fragrance is a blend of natural essences made with only the finest ingredients.

Our signature fragrance, “Phero-Essence,” roots itself from the word “Pheromone” which is the chemistry that serves as a catalyst of love driving the opposite sexes together. Aoni’s newly-crafted Phero-Essence line is a blend of natural essences extracted from rose, vanilla, incense wood, plants and other natural aromas that aids in the secretion of pheromones to enhance the love-making experience.

Premium Latex Material

The premium quality of our condoms comes straight from the finest latex materials from Thailand.

We don’t use pre-compounded formula like the other generic brands that allow them to keep costs low because we know that the ingredient is the most fundamental element that affects the performance on condoms. With our latex condoms, we use fresh latex that creates strong condoms that can achieve the thinness feelings you desire while giving it the strength for safety.

Water Based Lubrication

Our lubricant provides a mess-free experience. No more oil stains or clean-ups after use.

With our washable, stain-free water-based lubricant, we have worked hard to mimic the natural secretion of the female body to ensure a pleasurable experience of “true bare love.” Additionally, we have mastered the amount of lubrication applied on each condom to provide users a friction-free experience so they can go back to enjoy the pleasure of love.