Our Technology

Ever since its advent 20 years ago, Aoni’s own Research & Development team continues to innovate and develop patented inventions to improve the sexual experience of consumers.

Patented Technology:

Nanosilver Sterilization in Condoms

The nanosilver touch is integrated in our products after years of experience in the industry with hygiene as a priority. The nanosilver technology:

  1. Helps prevent bacteria build-up in the most sensitive area;
  2. Cleanses and sterilizes the human secretions from intercourse. We use completely natural ingredients with no side effects to health.

Bacterial infection is often the culprit for various gynecological diseases. Bacterial Vaginosis is one of the most common gynecological diseases that could cause further complications, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, cervicitis, cervical erosion and even cervical cancer. Many women rely on the use of fungicide to prevent and treat infections, but don’t realize that ordinary fungicides can damage the reproductive system and destroy the natural defense system in the vaginal cortex.

This is why we created the nanosilver condom – a new and natural antibacterial agent that can effectively sterilize a broad spectrum of bacteria. Using our cutting-edge technology, Aoni is able to incorporate nanosilver and develop the first patented nanosilver condom on the market. The product does not cause resistance in the body through multiple uses, does not remain in the body, effectively prevents bacteria and can further sterilize any bacterial buildup in the body to help treat gynecological diseases.

Aoni’s Nanosilver Condom solves the women’s deepest concerns and ensures worry-free sex.

This product is currently featured in our Guinness Award Ultrathin 001 series.

Patented Technology:

OT (“Over-Time”) Strap

Premature ejaculation is amongst one of the greater sexual challenges commonly experienced by men. Many condoms currently on the market claim to prolong excitement, but their products contain Benzocaine (an anesthetic) and other chemicals that may lead to inflammation and dependence and thus pose significant health risks to the consumers. Moreover, condoms containing anesthetics can lead to penile numbness and lack of sensitivity and pleasure, even for healthy individuals.

Aoni’s OT (“Over-Time”) Combo is designed to prolong the enjoyable experience of making love. The condom and the OT Strap are designed to be used simultaneously.

Only Natural Interference

With genuine care for the consumers’ health, Aoni never considers using chemicals to enhance its products’ attributes. Our chemical-free design only uses natural interference to empower the male user with better control and stamina. Through significant research, Aoni developed the OT Strap for its duration enhancement and it is made of medical grade materials.

OT Strap Features:

  • Adjustable Strap
  • Designed to give a Tailor-Made Fit
  • 100% Silicon (no additives)
  • Flexible Design for Ease of Use
  • Fits Any Size
  • No Medicine. All Natural.

How it Works

The technology provides a safe and healthier alternative to oral and typical duration enhancement drugs. Aoni’s OT Strap can effectively extend the duration of erection and significantly increase sexual pleasure for both parties. Furthermore, users can maximize flexibility and sexual pleasure when using the OT Strap, as it is separate from the condom.

How to Put on Your Strap?


  1. Wear a condom correctly on erect penis (refer to Condom Instructions Manual).
  2. Take adjustable strap and insert tail into the hole of the head.
  3. Grasp the head (circular part) and pull the tail through the hole to a comfortable position.

After – Use:

  1. Grasp the head and pull out the tail.
  2. Dispose in trash bin and never in toilet.


Do not pull tighter than a perfectly fitted position.


Get instant quality results for your condoms.

At Aoni, we believe that quality should be the No. 1 consideration of all consumers. That’s why we have created the OmniCode, a system that provides real-time tracking on your product qualities.

OmniCode is a system that delivers thorough, comprehensive and real-time product quality information to consumers before purchase.

The OmniCode is not simply a counterfeit prevention security. More importantly, it provides the ability to trace and guarantee our products’ quality. Similar to a personal identification, OmniCode provides real time data and verification on the product’s status, such as production environment and process and quality test results.

The identification and verification capability ensures that the consumers are guaranteed a qualified, safe, and standardized product when they purchase from Aoni. OmniCode is a ground breaking technology that provides data on each and every Aoni product on the shelf – this means that every product has been independently tested, unlike the traditional method of random selection and testing.

  • Quality transparency
  • Informed purchase
  • Incentives for Manufacturers to improve
  • Anti-counterfeits
  • Direct consumer feedback

How it Works

To use the OmniCode, consumers will only need to enter the code found on the product’s package into the querying platform. The consumer will then be able to access important production information of the exact product of interest such as product specifications, production batch, production time, etc., without even opening the package. The production data presented are real-time records that cannot be altered, as such, the OmniCode offers the most secured and confident method of verifying the product’s authenticity for the consumers.

[Launching 2016]