8 Reasons Condoms Should Be Your First Contraceptive Choice

As long as there’ve been modern contraceptives, there’s been the contentious debate: should you use a condom or a contraceptive pill? It’s been rehashed over and over again, and ultimately there’s no easy answer. However, over the past few years, the reputation of the rubber has grown, and for good reason. New developments are bringing it up to date with modern needs, and giving it advantages that no pill has.

Here are the top 8 reasons to choose a condom over other contraceptive options.


The most common layman’s argument against condoms in the past was that it took much pleasure away from sex. It’s impossible to deny that this was true, especially for the man, who had to “feel” through an unwanted layer.

a) lubricated
Now, however, condoms are made to increase sexual pleasure. You’ll find this is true with a lubricated and ribbed condom, which helps him last longer and stimulates her further. In fact, a 2010 study showed that people who use condoms feel their experiences are just as pleasurable as people who don’t.

b) foreplay
Furthermore, with scented and edible forms available, condoms can be worked into foreplay, rather than being a downer between foreplay and sex.


Premature ejaculation is a fear that most men have. Lubricated condoms inhibit the need to ejaculate, lessening the chance of sudden orgasm and thus improving male confidence.


Condoms, along with increased pleasure, have been developed to provide increased protection against unwanted pregnancies. The exact effectiveness is unclear, as much of the time, condom “failure” can be attributed to misuse. When used properly, condoms act as an almost foolproof contraceptive device.


One of the major complaints against contraceptive pills is the side effect. The hormonal changes caused by the pill can induce headaches, nausea, breakthrough bleeding and weight gain. It can also cause a decrease in libido, which, if it’s being taken in order to facilitate sex, is very counterproductive.
Condoms, on the other hand, have no side effects or health hazards. There are even latex-free condoms on the market for those with latex allergies.


Although the upper ranges of condoms come at a higher price, it is still a cheap alternative to other contraceptive methods. As there are no side effects, no extra medication or treatment is needed.


Condoms are available at any convenience store, 24/7. They’re also easy to carry around discreetly (although it’s not a good idea to keep them in your wallet for too long).
These days you can order quality condoms online and, since they have a long shelf life, you can buy well in advance so that you’re always prepared. This is a cheap and hassle-free way of buying condoms, as you get to spend more time selecting, rather than rushing at an all-night convenience store, or awkwardly asking the clerk to show you different brands.


Contraceptive pills require a prescription, which requires examination by a doctor. In other words, they need a lot of planning, which is great if you’re already in a relationship, but not when you’re testing the waters, or on the off chance that you’ll have a one night stand.


Of course, the most important advantage condoms have over contraceptive pills is that they prevent STIs. While the pill is highly effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies, it will not stop the spread of HIV among other STIs. In a committed relationship, using contraceptive pills may be a realistic option, but in order to practice safe sex, singles should use condoms even if they are on the pill.

Make sure to be careful – condoms are only effective if they’re preserved and used correctly. Having a stash of condoms ready can greatly improve your sex-life, as you won’t face doubt over whether you’re prepared. It also means you’re able to select the right condom for your ultimate pleasure.

Be safe and be prepared!