How A Condom Should Fit: Common Size Mistakes

When we talk about how a condom should fit, we often like to refer to terms such as “small,” “large,” or “extra large.” What that doesn’t tell us is how it relates to actually fit. Thus, problems with the fit (size) are really common which in turn can put many men off from using condoms. If it were poorly fitted, it can undermine condom effectiveness in preventing STIs and pregnancy, as well as interfere with the pleasure and sensations for both parties during sex.


Let’s first explore the effect of penis size on how a condom should fit. The average range of erect penis length for most men is approximately 5-6.5 inches with the average circumference at 4-5 inches. Both length and girth affect how a condom fits. If a condom is too short, the risk of STI transmission is increased due to the exposed skin. Meanwhile, if your girth is above average then a standard condom would feel too uncomfortably tight. Read on to find out the two most common issues.



Condom slipping or falling off completely? According to SIECUS, condoms fall off the penis in 0.6% to 5.4% acts of vaginal intercourse and may slip down the penis without falling off in 3.4% to 13.1% of acts of vaginal intercourse. This is caused by the condom being too wide that it sits too loosely on the penis and a loss of pleasure can occur due to the transference of sex sensations being unable to transfer properly.


If there are discomfort and/or feelings of tightness then the condom is too narrow. This causes the latex to have to stretch too much in order to fit the penis that it can lead to loss of sensation. Hence, why men may complain that they “can’t feel anything during sex.” If this sounds familiar, check to see if your condom is too small.


As a consumer, it’s important that you measure yourself. Brands are being more transparent and providing accurate information regarding sizing and providing helpful charts so that customers can be well informed. However, to know which are the best condoms, first understand your own needs!

Being honest is the most important thing when it comes to what size condom is right for you. Besides that, it’s also important to know how to wear a condom correctly. With the above in mind, everyone will benefit and no sacrifices need to be made between safety and pleasure.

On the manufacturing side, although condoms come in different sizes, their design is quite dynamic to be able to fit a majority of men. As a manufacturer, we go to great lengths to perform safety tests to ensure its high performance. These safety tests include the air pressure test and water burst test whereby the condom gets inflated and filled with water into different volumes to assess how the condom would perform under vigorous conditions.

Aoni’s Ultrathin 001 series will stretch to fit different lengths, leaving a little extra length at the tip to allow room to ejaculate. We currently have two different condom sizes- 52 mm and 54 mm with a 56mm option in the works for quarter one of 2017. Even though it is tempting to grab a larger fit, we always recommend users to try the classic fit first to prevent chances of slippage.

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