Never Feel Embarrassed Buying Condoms Ever Again

There are only two things in life that are certain – death and embarrassment when it comes to buying condoms. Let’s first take a moment to praise condoms for being able to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies. That may be common knowledge to many but what’s even more common is this scenario: sweat trickles down your forehead as you stand at the checkout lane. A fellow bro smugly acknowledges you with a 30° head tilt and a wink and you could have sworn the cashier smirked. Waves of panic and embarrassment kick in and you can’t wait to just get out of there.


With 450 million condoms sold each year in the U.S., condoms are widely used but rarely talked about. Why are we so embarrassed to buy condoms? A few reasons could be at play.


Buying condoms mean wanting sex and many people are uncomfortable with sharing that. In modern society, sex culture continues to be stigmatized which dictates what is acceptable and unacceptable in expressing your sexuality. However, social movements and LGBT rights have helped break down this barrier to create more meaningful dialogues regarding sex, with positive opinions towards sex on the rise – 62% of millennials in the 2010s said that premarital sex is ‘not wrong at all.’


The messages children and teens are taught in school play an important role in developing their attitudes towards sex and how they grow into their sexual selves. In the U.S. for example, only 22 states mandate sex education, and only 13 require the information to be “medically accurate.” This is a problem because while everyone will have a question related to sexual health at one point, not everyone needs to know how to do calculus. It’s hard to believe only one is actually taught.

The stigma and embarrassment behind condoms is very real but it’s not an excuse to have unprotected sex. It doesn’t matter what others think as long as you do right by you- safe sex is nothing to be ashamed of. With more opportunities now than ever to purchase condoms quickly and cheaply, it pays to be safe.


While we work towards ending condom stigma, it’s important to stay proactive. Not just buying condoms when you need them but actually having them ready so you won’t be tempted to just forego them in the heat of the moment or to avoid embarrassment at the store. Online condom retailers, in particular, are a great option. While stores may close, the option to buy online allows people to conveniently buy them at any time of the day.

Of course, next time you’re at the checkout lane you could always just buy tampons, also a super embarrassing product (but like condoms, shouldn’t be) as the perfect distraction. While people are busy judging you for getting tampons, no one will notice your condoms!*

*Not scientifically proven to actually work but hey, tampons are still a better use than calculus

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