Our Condoms

There’s no secret when it comes to the ingredients – we use the best ingredients to ensure a quality product we are proud of.


The fundamental building block

Water is the most abundant resource on our planet, yet so precious. It is the fundamental element for life on Earth. Although water only acts as a catalyst agent in the making of condoms, when it comes to making the finest and thinnest condom, the purest form of water is required. Reverse osmosis water treatment is by far one of the best ways to guarantee the purest form of water. Reverse Osmosis (RO), is a process where you demineralize or de-ionize water by pushing it under pressure through a semi-permeable RO membrane.


Aged to Perfect Elasticity

Latex was a nouveau material first found in 1855. It revolutionized the creation of many products because of its unique elastic characteristic. Today, there are other materials used to mimic the properties of latex rubber; however, rubber still remains the most natural polymer with high performance available to us.

To date, we have confidence to say that latex gives the best fit to all users – both in texture and dynamic size. Latex is gaining new attention as a reusable and sustainable material just like bamboo and reclaimed wood because it can be reused in many products we buy and enjoy today.

To ensure our condoms can be super thin while also bearing the strength needed for performance, we use different ages of latex to give our products perfect balance.

Safety Checks

No single condom is left out

At Aoni, we care about our brand and the products we serve to our customers. We service a very intimate part of our consumers and we do not take any chances with the quality of our products.

This is why we not only fulfill the International Standards Organizations (ISO) but also exceed them by 2-3 times to make sure our condoms’ performances are maximized and quality at their best.

That’s not it – 100% of our condoms are tested.
This is our commitment to you.