Ultrathin 001 & Over-Time Combo

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This Pack Includes:

  • 1 × Ultrathin 001 – 12 Pcs Pack
  • 1 × OT Combo – 6 Sets Pack
  • Super Thin Condom
  • Water-Based Lubricant
  • Natural
  • Phero-Essence
  • Easy Peel
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Ultrathin 001

WORLD’S “THINNEST LATEX CONDOM” was verified by Guinness World Records on 2 Dec 2013.

Love making is about getting closer to one another.

A far cry for love to have protection yet with no barrier, Aoni has dedicated years of their professional experience in the condom industry to set a new standard for the world. Through determination and passion to make the finest product, Aoni has successfully achieved the WORLD’S “THINNEST LATEX CONDOM” which was verified by Guinness World Records on 2 Dec 2013 and also known as 001 Technology.

With the discovery of Aoni’s 001 Technology, it has surpassed its competitors and has set a new world standard. Exceeding ISO safety requirements, there is no compromise between thickness and protection nor with safety and pleasure.

Over-Time Combo

Experience maximum control and maximum performance.

The adjustable OT Strap is made of 100% silicon and provides a tailor-made feeling.

The condom and the OT Strap combo is designed to be used simultaneously.

OT is abbreviation for “Over-Time.”

Premium Ingredients

Besides constantly researching on the best ingredients to improve our latex formula, we ensure that all our products are made with the utmost care ensuring a quality product.

Natural Fragrance

Our fragrance is a blend of natural essences made with only the finest ingredients.

Premium Latex

The premium quality of our condoms comes straight from the finest latex materials from Thailand.

Water Based Lubricant

Our lubricant provides a mess-free experience. No more oil stains or clean-ups after use.

Style Super Thin (for Ultrathin) / Dotted (for OT Combo)
Condom Width 52mm
Lube Moderately Lubricated
Color Natural (for Ultrathin) / Pink (for OT Combo)
Fragrance Phero-Essence

1 review for Ultrathin 001 & Over-Time Combo

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    James V.

    These condoms are very satisfying. They honestly are the thinnest condom I have ever used & I have to say that they did gave me greater experience than my normal latex condoms. The quality & performance are outstanding. Although, sometimes I have found them difficult to roll down. That is all I am comfortable saying except that you’ll have to try them for yourself to understand what I mean.

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