Nanosilver Ultrathin 001


  • WORLD’S “THINNEST LATEX CONDOM” was verified by Guinness World Records on 2 Dec 2013.
  • Nanosilver technology is a proactive solution to fighting bacteria in the most sensitive areas. This odorless and non-intrusive nanosilver condom can help protect you from bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.
  • Get the “no-wear” experience while protecting you and your partner’s intimates to a maximum clean.
  • Super Thin Condom
  • Water-Based Lubricant
  • Natural
  • Phero-Essence
  • Easy Peel
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Patented Technology: Nanosilver Sterilization in Condoms

The nanosilver touch is integrated into our products after years of experience in the industry with hygiene as a priority. The nanosilver technology:

  • Helps prevent bacteria build-up in the most sensitive area;
  • Cleanses and sterilizes the human secretions from intercourse. We use completely natural ingredients with no side effects on health.

Bacterial infection is often the culprit for various gynecological diseases. Bacterial Vaginosis is one of the most common gynecological diseases that could cause further complications, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, cervicitis, cervical erosion and even cervical cancer. Many women rely on the use of fungicide to prevent and treat infections but don’t realize that ordinary fungicides can damage the reproductive system and destroy the natural defense system in the vaginal cortex.

This is why we created the nanosilver condom – a new and natural antibacterial agent that can effectively sterilize a broad spectrum of bacteria. Using our cutting-edge technology, Aoni is able to incorporate nanosilver and develop the first patented nanosilver condom on the market. The product does not cause resistance in the body through multiple uses, does not remain in the body, effectively prevents bacteria and can further sterilize any bacterial buildup in the body to help treat gynecological diseases.

Aoni’s Nanosilver Condom solves the women’s deepest concerns and ensures worry-free sex.

This product is currently featured in our Guinness Award Ultrathin 001 series.

Premium Ingredients

Besides constantly researching on the best ingredients to improve our latex formula, we ensure that all our products are made with the utmost care ensuring a quality product.

Natural Fragrance

Our fragrance is a blend of natural essences made with only the finest ingredients.

Premium Latex

The premium quality of our condoms comes straight from the finest latex materials from Thailand.

Water Based Lubricant

Our lubricant provides a mess-free experience. No more oil stains or clean-ups after use.

Style Super Thin/Smooth
Condom Width 52mm
Lube Moderately Lubricated
Color Natural
Fragrance Phero-Essence
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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