Ultrathin 001

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  • Aoni was awarded the “World’s Thinnest Latex Condom” on December 2, 2013.
  • Flagship product with the ultimate skin-on-skin experience.
  • First of the Aoni 001 Series.
  • Aoni is committed to exceeding ISO safety requirements to ensure there’s no compromise between protection and pleasure.
  • 100% of  condoms are  electronically tested for strength, flexibility, and reliability.
  • Super Thin Condom
  • Water-Based Lubricant
  • Natural
  • Phero-Essence
  • Easy Peel
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Love making is about getting closer to one another.

A far cry for love to have protection yet with no barrier, Aoni has dedicated years of their professional experience in the condom industry to set a new standard for the world. Through determination and passion to make the finest product, Aoni has successfully achieved the a world record on December 2, 2013 for Thinnest Latex Condom with its 001 Technology.

With the discovery of the 001 Technology, Aoni commits to exceeding ISO safety requirements; there is no compromise between thickness and protection nor with safety and pleasure.

Premium Ingredients

Besides constantly researching on the best ingredients to improve our latex formula, we ensure that all our products are made with the utmost care ensuring a quality product.

Natural Fragrance

Our fragrance is a blend of natural essences made with only the finest ingredients.

Premium Latex

The premium quality of our condoms comes straight from the finest latex materials from Thailand.

Water Based Lubricant

Our lubricant provides a mess-free experience. No more oil stains or clean-ups after use.

Style Super Thin/Smooth
Condom Width 52mm
Lube Moderately Lubricated
Color Natural
Fragrance Phero-Essence
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

12 reviews for Ultrathin 001

  1. Jamie 

    This is the first time I buy this brand and I bought 2 packets of these.
It is really comfortable and much thinner than I expected.
I will buy it again, five stars!

  2. Customer

    First time using this product, and I generally like the Japanese brands, Okamoto, Sagami, and Jax. The thickness, elasticity, and feel of the water-base lubricant were what stood out for me and my partner. AONI feels as thin as the Okamoto and Sagami 001 (difference between the three is really not noticeable, so I would really challenge some customers comments on AONI feeling 4 times thicker). What made AONI better than the Japanese brands are its elasticity and water-base lubricant. Unlike some of the Jax and Sagami condoms which wrinkle up quite frequently, AONI’s do not at all. The water-base lubricant feels perfect – enough to keep the condom smooth for a long time but does not feel greasy or gross. This truely is an amazing product at a bargain price (on Amazon, AONI’s is at $1.5 per condom vs Okamoto 001 at $5 per piece and Sagami 001 at $4 a pieice). I really recommend people to give this a try!!

  3. Clin

    The world’s BEST condom amongst all I’ve used including Sagami, Okamoto etc. The best thing about AONI is the water-based lubrication and non-greasy feeling. AONI truly feels like a 0.01 even more so than the Japanese brands, and definitely lived up to it’s Guinness record. Great customer service and fast shipping are another plus. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

  4. Wan K

    Curious to try the world’s thinnest condom I was not disappointed. It was a small learning curve to get this condom right, as rolling it down would require gentler rolls, the latex being so thin. Once the fit is good, you’re ready to go, and it feels great! I really do feel a difference, compared to the likes of Durex and Trojan.

  5. Freddy Little

    The lubricant is water-based (instead of oil) – I, personally, really like this feature because I am finally able to avoid having oily hands and stains on my sheets. I wonder if they plan on selling the lub on its own too?

  6. user

    If you’re looking for a perfect condom- this is it.

    We got the condoms earlier than the expected date- Came with a nice leaflet that explained the features of the product. The packaging is superior to any other condom package I have ever tried- its lid securely closes when not used. Not only that, it doesn’t look like a condom package so that if I left it hanging around, no one would notice.
The foil was super easy to tear and the condom felt great. They are extremely soft so fits nicely around the organ. The first time I used it, I had to slowly unroll it to get the gist of it as its much thinner than conventional condom as there was less material to grad (if you know what I mean). After that, I can now roll it on quite quickly. All in all- best condom I’ve ever tried and would recommend!

  7. gaben 

    These are the thinnest condoms I’ve ever used, as advertised. I like that all the measurements are listed in the description rather than “25% thinner” or “thinner than average” claims that most condom manufacturers make. This is currently my go-to condom.

  8. Carlos R.

    i did receive this product at a discount for my honest review.

    i dont really know what condoms should cost. my girlfriend and i have been together for years and no longer use them on a regular basis (we trust her pill). but these seem to be a bit pricey. though, they do fill better then cheaper/regular condoms.

    there was a short time frame where she was off the pill and we had to start using them again. i was in search of the best feeling (as if nothing was there).

    i never tried the lamb skin, since they cost too much.

    but i ended up liking the trojan ultra thin. these are very similar to those. a regular condom is thicker but with a more elastic rubber.

    these and Trojan ultra thins are thinner, but the rubber is more stiff (almost feels like a plastic blend). when you first put it on you feel the difference. a regular condom would balloon if you filled it with water, where these would keep 90% their shape.

    they may feel a bit tight at first, but as they warm up they start to feel as they arent there. i would put these at just under the trojans (as far as comfort and feel), but very close. i would probably go with whatever was cheaper if i was looking to buy again.

  9. Amanda Le

    My fiancee has issues with condoms, its a turn off for him and it is hard for him to stay up, he looses feeling, and so he begins to shrink and get smaller therefore condom tends to slide off. With these, he feels be better, it doesnt turn him off, but it does get tight he said. We have tried helix as well as the sagami .001 condoms and neither worked as well, in addition the others usually caused me to dry out very quick, these do not because they are water based. Lastly, I seem to notice some complain about the smell/taste, I cant speak for that as I do not perform oral sex with condoms on, though the smell is odd at first but after the first one you use, you dont notice it. I would recommend this!

  10. Mr.XXXL

    It is a little bit too small, and hard to put on. Once mounted no complains.

  11. Jeffrey K

    After a friend highly recommended these condoms to me, I decided to give them a try myself. Boy was I impressed! It really didn’t feel like I had any rubber on, and not one has ripped on me yet. I’m super glad there’s other newer options for me now finally other than the bigger well known brands out here in North America.

  12. alex

    To be true, it is a little tighter than usual condom but I like it as smaller size can help endure.

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