XL Ultrathin 001

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  • Made with a wider fit in extension to our flagship Ultrathin 001.
  • Designed for those who find the conventional condoms too narrow or prefer a wider fit.
  • Aoni is committed to exceeding ISO safety requirements to ensure there’s no compromise between protection and pleasure.
  • Each condom is 100% electronically tested for strength, flexibility, and reliability.
  • Super Thin Condom
  • Water-Based Lubricant
  • Natural
  • Phero-Essence
  • Easy Peel
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Most men with larger endowments will find themselves sacrificing pleasure for protection, often leading to a loss of erection and the possibility of split condoms.

Our XL Ultrathin 001 combines our award-winning 001 Technology with a wider size. If you find that our standard Ultrathin 001’s are too tight, there’s no need to miss out with our extra large product.

Note: We advise customers to ensure that condoms are not worn too loosely to avoid slippage during intercourse. For further inquiries about fit and size, please email us at info@aonicondoms.com.

Premium Ingredients

Besides constantly researching on the best ingredients to improve our latex formula, we ensure that all our products are made with the utmost care ensuring a quality product.

Natural Fragrance

Our fragrance is a blend of natural essences made with only the finest ingredients.

Premium Latex

The premium quality of our condoms comes straight from the finest latex materials from Thailand.

Water Based Lubricant

Our lubricant provides a mess-free experience. No more oil stains or clean-ups after use.

Style Super Thin/Smooth
Condom Width 56mm
Lube Moderately Lubricated
Color Natural
Fragrance Phero-Essence
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

13 reviews for XL Ultrathin 001

  1. P. J. Botha

    I’m not getting any younger, and need something with a bit more sensitivity than my usual Trojan Magnum XL. Unfortunately these are much smaller than Magnum XL, despite the XL designation, and so are almost impossible to put on in the normal way. Alternative is to partially unroll over two fingers from each hand, and then stretch it out and put on, slip out fingers, and unroll the rest.
    The sensitive is pretty good – noticeable improvement over Magnum Bareskin and big improvement over Magnum XL.
    The lube is also great – very thin and long lasting. One partner liked the taste, the but another thought it numbed her tongue.
    I will probably continue to carry both these and Magnum Bareskin in my kit, and use the Bareskin when there isn’t time to fuss over putting it on, and Aoni XL when things are more leisurely.


    great product hard to put on like most of the views say but once on its good to go.. I thought i was gonna get a really greater feel
    out of them but it was ok just a lil better the the store products. but once you use these thin condoms the others are average. they are pretty strong havent had a breakage yet knock on wood lol…will buy another box just wish they made a XXL size.

  3. Juan

    These are great, too many people are complaining about the ripping but not once in the two boxes that I’ve had have ripped you feel more than any other condom I’ve tried really recommend it they have great customer service as well!

  4. Falcon

    Fit is good for average size American. This is XL in Asia? LOL.

  5. EastfistFilms

    I love it! Tried Crown and Trojan Bareskin brands right before this. Wow, there is noticeable difference in thickness. I thought Crown thickness was nice but too tight. Aoni feels even thinner than Crown but actually stretches to a perfect form-fitting feeling, as they say, “snug”, as if it was made just for my penis shape. The only gripe I have is the lubricant is too fragrant, although very nice to smell, like an apple or honeysuckle, but it’s too distracting. But I do like the amount of lubricant, very nice, enough to cover the entire surface of the rolled out condom. I think I found my new favorite condom brand!

  6. Customer

    We plan to order more because the Ultrathin feels like there’s nothing there at all – perfect. We just need something longer and wider for men’s comfort. Sure they can stretch to the size of a dolphin but that doesn’t mean they are comfortable.

  7. C.M.

    These are really great; they feel like there’s almost nothing there. I usually use these when I’m with a new partner and it’s already been a long night and I want the extra sensitivity to make sure I finish before I wear out.
    Be aware, these are so thin that they’re actually kind of hard (no pun intended) to put on. Rolling it down the shaft, the ring will actually roll over itself. Make sure to put these on slowly and deliberately, as they require special care to roll down evenly. They are also a little less stretchy than regular condoms, probably owing to the fact that there’s no extra material to stretch out!
    If you’re an average or larger guy, make sure you get these XL sized ones. Compared to normal American condoms, these XLs are standard sized.

  8. Customer

    I really like them. The only down point is it takes patience to put them on.

  9. Terry D. Blair

    Wow, these are the best condoms I ever tried. My girlfriend told me that it felt like I had nothing on. It felt that way to me too! These are incredible! You can get them in bigger sizes, if you are more endow than the average size. I would recommend getting these. Once you try them, you want buy any other brand. Trust me 

  10. Eric S Currence

    I read the reviews on this before I purchased and for the most part the reviews are correct. So I will just reiterate what you probably have already read.
    1. These are NOT XL condoms by American dick standards. They fit like a standard to slim fit US condom.
    2. There is a lot of lube on these by American condom standard.
    3. They smell different than an standard American latex condom.
    4. They are thin.

  11. Mike

    Due to chemo my wife and I have to use condoms now. After 17 years of not using condoms I can tell you I’m pretty picky as the old saying goes “its like taking a shower with a rain jacket on”. These are the best I’ve found after trying four different ultra thin brands. The regulars were too small for us and even these XLs are tight but not in a bad way. Definitely recommend these if you like the Okamato 004 as these are just a bit better.

  12. Luis Ramirez


  13. Timer

    I wish they were larger! Especially wider!
    They are ok, but my dick starts to hurt a bit after awhile because they are too small. It is the only Aoni condom I can use as it is more a standard minus size. While the other Aoni condoms are small size…

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